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    GamesMania Reviews Thief Gold: 8/10
    The first Thief was an excellent and original premise executed beautifully. It's the kind of uniqueness that should be awarded, and I'm glad the sales apparently warranted this follow-up and a full sequel. If you haven't tried the original and like to complain that there's nothing new under the sun, then stop your whining and get a copy of Thief Gold. As to you experienced Thief players, I doubt very much that you'll be able to resist the chance of playing new Thief levels. I know I couldn't.

    PlanetQuake Reviews Thief: "10"
    With 1998 now officially over, Thief is without a doubt my Game Of The Year. Where other games like Unreal and Half-Life promised revolutionary gameplay, Thief delivers. It's quite unlike anything else out there at the moment, both in terms of gameplay and style. As long as you don't mind the slow pace of the action and can find a dark room safe from monitor glare to play it in, trying this game should be top of your New Year's resolutions!

    Thief - Best Adventure Game
    Thief has been named Best Adventure Game of 1998, by the poll taken at Game Asylum. It beat the Adventure & RGP giants, Fallout 2, Kings Quest 8, Grim Fandango, and Final Fantasy 7 in a landslide victory. Thank you everyone for voting!

    Two Thief Reviews at PCGameworld
    "Perhaps this might seem too good to be true. Maybe I just happened to have booted this game up at the right time. I doubt it. I've been playing for over fifteen hours and am not even the least bit bored. The game keeps calling you back, beckoning you."
    "Thief, which involves a lot of careful planning and on the fly strategy, is a welcome addition to the world of FPS. You can't go into it thinking like a space marine but if you take the time to think like a rogue you'll be rewarded by hours of intense, addictive gameplay."

    Thief Review at eXscape: "97%"
    In the end, I feel I can safely say that Thief is one of the best games available. Despite the numerous problems I have had with getting it to run, the gameplay more than makes up for the frustration and always leaves me wanting more when I am done (though it is necessary to take a break from time to time). With its incredible focus on gameplay, innovative sound, fun theme, originality, and great style, Thief is a game that I have even seen warezers buy to support Looking Glass's incredible efforts. If System Shock 2 is even half as good as Thief, it will be a smashing sensation. Thief is, simply, a must-have for just about any gamer out there.

    Thief 2nd Opinion at GamesDomain
    Regardless, you can't go wrong buying Thief. It gets my nod as the game of 1998, edging out Half-Life thanks to both the fully-realized gameplay and the ballls of the design team. Let's face it, guiding Gordon Freeman through the Black Mesa complex is thoroughly addictive, but it's still a shooter. Thief isn't. It uses the first-person perspective and some of the trappings of the genre, but, in its entirety, is nothing like we have ever seen before The Looking Glass designers threw out all the blueprints, giving us something truly new and innovative, and I can't commend them enough for this.

    Groundwire Reviews Thief - "91%"
    The AI is extremely good, with the characters being able to "hear" you movements, forcing you to watch each step you make. If a guard gets into a trouble he will run for help, or if he hears a noise he may shrug it off a few times then come to investigate. If you havn't yet tried the demo I urge you to do so, it gives you access to the training mission and the games first level, and by then you will have a good feel for how the game plays. There is much more than that to it though, the full game incorporating an interesting plot and more varied enemies.

    Adrenaline Vault Reviews Thief - "5/5"
    If you're looking for another brainless shooter, look elsewhere. Thief: The Dark Project is an intelligent, engrossing action/adventure experience that pushes the gamer to use his brain as much as his broadsword, and offers the type of gameplay this industry hasn't seen in a long, long time. Whether this will be the catalyst for some kind of single-player gaming Renaissance or is just some kind of incredible computer gaming anomaly I can't say. What's important is that we recognize Thief: The Dark Project for what it is -- a very, very special game created by one incredibly talented group of developers.

    PC Fan Reviews Thief - "96%"
    Thief is that something different that we've all been whining about for quite some time now. It's not a shooter, and it's not an adventure game. In my opinion, Thief is a role-playing game in the purest sense. Even the few minor flaws can't kill what is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had.

    Games Domain Reviews Thief - "Gold"
    So, jaded to the use of this label, I bought Thief: The Dark Project with some hesitation. I have never been a fan of thief characters in RPG games, I'm just not that subtle. If I have to stick to shadows I would much rather be something exciting like a ninja - not boring, like some stupid thief. Little did I know that I would be eating those words - this game is one of the best games I have ever played. Taking the strongest qualities from adventure, role playing, and action games, Thief: The Dark Project places the gamer in a realistic and immersive world full of intrigue and suspense. It is challenging, addictive, and just plain fun.

    Gamer's Central Reviews Thief
    I've been playing Thief for some days now and I found out there are new surprises in each new mission you come to. You can't be sure of what's waiting around the corner. Not all is what it seems to be, that is all I say since I don't want to reveal all the fun and surprises in the game.

    GameCenter Reviews Thief - "5/5"
    If you consider yourself a gamer (no matter what genre you prefer), go out and pick up a copy of this game. Beg, borrow, or steal, if you have to. Then slip away on some dark night, get a cup of hot cocoa (this really isn't a beer-and-pretzels game), and prepare to become immersed. You certainly won't regret it.

    Happy Puppy Reviews Thief - "9/10"
    Thief: The Dark Project doesn't raise the bar for first-person action games, it creates a genre all its own. You'll find the gameplay tight, intense, suspenseful, and unique. It has already stolen my heart, take a risk and don't overlook it, it may steal yours as well.

    GamesFirst Reviews Thief - "5/5"
    A 3D game that emphasizes fast thinking over firepower, in Thief, you'll take role of Garrett, a street punk turned master thief. In this amazingly atmospheric and tense game, you'll use your bow, blackjack, and brains to rob from the rich and give to yourself. And you'll also experience some of the best use of sound in a game ever.

    VuP3D Reviews Thief - "92"
    But what kind of game actually is Thief? Hmm. From the screenshots we could all have been mistaken for thinking it looked disturbingly rather like Quake; dark, dimly-lit corridors, gothic style, mounted flames for light, hell-spawned minions to batter. Though fortunately in reality Thief is nothing of the sort. In fact, it is what can truly be described as an 'original' game."

    PCZone Reviews Thief - "90"
    While giving it an overall score of 90, and commenting "Thief is a bloody good game" on several occasions and loading on the praise for the overall concept and most of the gameplay, PC Zone's Paul Presley's review mixes the praise with extreme dislike for the undead enemies and the fantasy flavor of the game in general: "... spends the first couple of levels setting up something creative and unique to the world of first-person 3D action games, then spoils it all by resorting to the usual array of zombies, spider creatures, demons, and so on that inhabit every other game set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world." The one-line versions of the review are, "Very, very enjoyable, if somewhat cliched", and "If you can live with the undead, you're in for a treat."

    PC.IGN.COM Reviews Thief - "8.9"
    ... Thief is one of the most exciting first-person games to come out in years. Rather than seeking to out do the competition in what's been done before, Looking Glass has given us a chance to play a different type of character in a world that is very realistic indeed.

    GamesMania Reviews Thief - "9/10"
    ... I'm completely in love with the game as it stands. This game gives you a real feeling of immersion. You don't just play it, you discover it. There's no end of atmosphere and moments that you tell your friends about the next day.

    Sharky Extreme Reviews Thief - "8/10"
    The adrenaline rushes in Thief come from successfully pick pocketing unsuspecting guards and sneaking by unaware soldiers, not from all-out battle. Skeptical? Think Thief will fade away with the hordes of similar titles? We'd beg to differ.

    3DGaming Reviews Thief - "A"
    Everyone sat waiting for a game to revolutionize the first person shooter genre while tons of games claming to do so were released. Then the biggest rebel of them all, Looking Glass, popped their head out of the girls' locker room and released one of the hottest sleeper hits in a long time. 3DGN has the full scoop on their new baby, Thief: The Dark Project.

    CDMAG's Thief Review - 4.5 Stars
    Thief is the kind of game that makes it hard to keep a grin off your face. You constantly feel like you're getting away with something you shouldn't. It appeals to the mischievous fifth grader in us all.

    Thief Review at Next-Gen
    Gameplay emphasizes stealth and intellect over the BFG weaponry or brute strength most first person games like Quake encourage. From level design to sound design and weaponry, everything in Thief requires the player to be sneaky if he wants to survive the mission.

    Thief Revew at GameSpot "9.1"
    Its emphasis on stealth, strategy, and ingenuity, coupled with its strong narrative structure and excellent mission design, adds up to a game that's stylish, serious, rewarding, and unique.

    Thief Revew at GameOver - "88%"
    Thief really has great Artificial Intelligence; the guards fight very well and hear everything. The programming for the lighting effects is efficient and realistic: moonlit levels are beautiful. The models in Thief are designed very well they look and move fluidly and realistically. The sound is also realistic, environments are designed very well and inside environments look great. It's also funny how guards talk on their own and sometimes sound drunk.


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