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  • Listed in no particular order. Sites linked in gold are highly recommended.

    Welcome to Thief
    This site has a game description, strategy, walkthroughs, multimedia downloads, screenshots, forums. This site was made back when Thief was first released, and has not been updated since. Still, it's design and content are tops. It's done totally in Shockwave.

    Host to strategies, multimedia downloads, links, plot description, mailing list, screenshots, and games. Though not the best looking of sites, it has plenty of good content.

    Thief World
    Contains strategies, cheats, hotshot listings, and Thief 2 info. It's a small site with some fancy java applets.

    Thief: The Dark Site
    A graphics heavy page that is very well done! It contains news, droves of game information on many subjects, screenshots and animations, music and other audio downloads, cool non-Thief (but Thief related) quotes, a list of reviews (taken from me!), and walkthroughs. This is also the home of The Dark Ring.

    The Assassin's Guild
    Though it was never finished, this was going to be a general content site. Right now all it has is tool descriptions.

    Ginna's Domain
    This is a small but well done site. It contains strategies, screenshots, and downloads.

    Sarah's Thief Site
    Contains item lists, cheats, screenshots, monster lists, and image downloads.

    The Page of Paz
    Features his review of Thief, which was featured in the readers reviews section of PC Gamer (issue 72). It also houses a collection of his favorite Thief sounds, and his Cure-inspired, fan mission, 'Bloodflowers'."

    The Keepers' Compound
    A high class site with lots of good information about the game. Shares some mirror content with this site.

    This is a French Thief fansite. It looks to contain walkthrough information and links.

    Thief News
    This is a Thief 1 & 2 news site.

    Thief Underground
    A Thief 1 & 2 news site which hopes to someday be ThiefPlanet.com

    Thief: The Fan Site Project
    Contins screens, artwork, demos, and patches.

    The Keep of Metal and Gold
    Contains a collection of screenshots for every FM there is, plus a few that are not even out yet (which you can't get anywhere else).

    The Falleen Database
    A small tribute to LGS.

    French FM Site
    Les fan-missions traduites sont de David Coubronne pour les 4 premières et François Leclerc : La prison de Bloodstone, Automne dans les collines de Lampfire, L'île du Saule, Saturio rentre chez lui, La maladie de Dame Whitman. Et en cours : Embracing the enemy et Equilibrium

    Russian Fan Site
    A russian language Thief fan site created by NuKlear Alex.

    Badd Cog's
    Home of fan mission author Schwaa. Has downloads for his missions, walkthroughs, screenshots and tutorials.

    Hibix Search
    Thief page from the Hibix search engine.

    Site dedicated to the Thief inspired Half-life mod Gaurds Vs Thieves.

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