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  • Listed in no particular order. Sites linked in gold are recommended.

    Trimfect: The Thief Project
    Contains current project info, completed project info, tutorials, and mission reviews called "hammerings". Secret hide-out of the Circle of Stone and Shadow campaign dev-group.

    Wrichard's Realm
    Home-site of the author of ESCAPE: The Bear Pits, Tower of Illusion, Oblivion, and more. The site lets you preview and download these missions.

    Thief Level Editing Groups (TLEG)
    The home-site of Thief mission editors' league. TLEG is a loose band of editors who aren't really working together on anything at the moment, as far was we know.

    The Keepers' Archive
    The home-site of Tels, featuring the fan mission poll booth, GenVBR (a perl based architecture generator), and various demo missions.

    JD Smith's Dromed Junkyard
    Homepage of JD Smith, Thief editor. It's a small site that talks about the aborted projects Waterdeep, and GenVBR (see above).

    Wyclef Systems: Dromed
    A small page by Wyclef talking about his projects and offering some tutorials.

    Bed's Thief Page
    Home to Bed, author of ThiefLoader (up to version 1.5), Thief Mission Zipper, and the Thief Media Editor. You can download all of these programs here.

    Gecko Beach
    Home-site of Kung Fu Gecko, author of The Library and Bloodstone Prison. KFG is also one of TEG's fan mission reviewers.

    Silver's Thief Site
    A small thief level editing informational site, with the site owner's project descriptions.

    NativeArt Design Thief Page
    Apache's Thief site, displaying his current and previous projects (including Ramierz's Revenge), and some tutorials.

    SilentSleep's Thief Site
    A small sight showcasing the fan mission Friends in Shadows and the upcoming Order of the Vine.

    St.Yora's Mainpage
    A small site showcasing the works of St.Yora.

    A Thief Campaign
    Nameless and without description, this site features a few screenshots from a campaign in progress.

    Micah's Thief site
    This site features some of the quaint demo missions created by the site's author.

    The Keeper Compound
    This site features screenshots of the upcoming mission The Keeper Compound.

    Theif Mapped
    This site features upcoming projects from Ghandaiah.

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