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  • Listed in no particular order. Sites linked in gold are recommended.

    Jyre's Abode
    Home of the Thief inspired short tales A Taffer Legend and Into the Dark. Also contains information on the Thief novel in development, Correspondence of Thieves.

    Thief: Candle Fire
    This site contains the Thief-based novel in development, Candle Fire. Currently only part one is online.

    A Keeper's Tale
    This is a novel in development, telling the tale, from the first person perspective, of a young man destined to become a Keeper.

    Silence be Whole
    Home of s h i f t i n g - d o u b l e, a Thief-based novel in development.

    The Library
    Home to a Thief based tale entitled In the Forge of the City.

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